We offer in-depth knowledge

that will make you a thorough breed

Our Organization

Wing Commander DE Laha (Rector IHFS)

The International Helicopter Flying Training School (IHFS) is a trailblazer in several ways. It is the first helicopter pilot training institution in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. This unique Public - Private Partnership initiative is a versatile tool for the enhancement of civil-military cooperation, thereby harnessing available resources to stimulate the development of the aviation industry in line with the Transformation Agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan's administration.

IHFS is positioned to infuse impeccable and dogged military flying experience into the robust and versatile civil aviation world through its enriched knowledge base training. The School is thus built on the tripod of professionalism, experience and safety. To achieve the vision of our facilitators, we have experienced, proficient and dedicated flight and ground instructors who are highly motivated to provide professional and quality helicopter pilot training. 

The School is open to candidates from within and outside Nigeria, both civil and military establishments as well as individuals. We are poised to give you the opportunity to realize your dream of becoming either a private or commercial professional helicopter pilot. Our amiable instructors will take you systematically through the rudiments of the art of flying, giving you in-depth knowledge that will make you a thorough breed. Our exquisite facilities and training equipment coupled with the benefit of flying in an international airport environment gives you the opportunity to be exposed to real-life operational setting. I promise you it is going to be a pleasant experience beyond your expectation as we soar for excellence in flying training. We look forward to welcoming you to IHFS.

Brief History

In a bid to establish a formidable helicopter flying school, TRIAX Nigeria Limited and Aeronautical Engineering & Technical Services Limited (AETSL) which is a subsidiary of Nigerian Air Force Holding Company formed AETSL-TRIAX Limited through joint venture arrangement. After a painstaking and extensive planning, the joint venture company gave birth to the International Helicopter Flying School (IHFS). The IHFS is headed by the Rector who is responsible to the Board of Directors of AETSL-TRIAX Limited. He is ably supported by other members of the School management staff which include the Head of Training, Head of Maintenance and Business Development & Administrative Manager. Others are the Quality Manager, Safety Manager, Chief Flight Instructor and Chief Ground Instructor.

Our Vision

To be a leading international flying institution that produces safety minded professional pilots with impeccable skills and experience to be capable of effective operations and easily adaptable to the fast and ever changing aviation environment.

Our Mission

To train world class professional helicopter pilots with high level of experience and competence.