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Training Team

In the Training Department, the Head of Training is assisted by the Chief Flight Instructor and Chief Ground Instructor who superintend over the flight and ground instructors respectively. The department is saddled with all the training activities of the School such as ground academics, simulator and flight training as well as staff recurrent training. Essentially, all the instructors are required to possess appropriate NCAA licences and ratings.

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Management Department

The Administrative Department carries out business development initiatives, public relation activities, maintenance of students hostels and office complex as well as provides information technology support for the School. The department also liaises with both the 95 Helicopter Combat Training Group sickbay and 39 Base Services Group Medical Centre for the provision of medical services for members of the staff and students.

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Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department conducts routine inspection and unscheduled maintenance activities on the helicopters of School. It also manages the acquisition and storage of aircraft spare parts, ground support equipment, lubricants and aviation fuel. The department is headed by the Head of Maintenance and assisted by the Maintenance Superintendent and the Logistics Officer.

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News and Events

IHFS Approved for ATPL course

IHFS is now approved to conduct ATPL course.

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